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Definition of protection:

  1. The act of preserving from evil or injury; shelter; refuge; a passport or other writing given by authority, which exempts or secures from molestation; advantage or favour given to any branch of industry by a government.


auspices, frailty, actuary, apology, custody, security department, actuarial, preservation, testimonial, invulnerability, security system, aegis, tax shelter, bulwark, lifesaver, security, security measure, trade protection, precaution, adjuster, egis, custodian, guaranty, security measures, certainty, certificate, asylum, carrier, protector, buckler, camouflage, safekeeping, breastplate, self-preservation, guardian angel, justification, safeness, broker, insecurity, benefit, champion, shelter, rampart, assurance, haven, retreat, guardian, tribute, vindication, conservation, refuge, protective covering, sanctuary, strength, comprehensive, protective cover, stability, self-defense, covert, contributory, ammunition, defender, collision damage waiver, weakness, attack, ward, safe passage.

Usage examples: