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Definition of protector:

  1. One who protects; a guardian.
  2. Or Lord Protector, a title applied to Oliver Cromwell during the period of his government of Great Britain and Ireland.


mediator, preservation, angel, stand-by, withstander, big sister, cover, sympathizer, shield, guard, promoter, guardian, tutelary, champion, shielder, front, counsel, philosopher, abettor, sentry, ward, watch, safeguard, bulwark guide, awareness, genius, backer, custodian, security, precaution, safeguard, upholder, defense, attack, lookout, lifesaver, shield, big brother, defender, sentinel, picket, guard, friend at court, advocate, friend Maecenas, safety, protection, guardian angel, partisan, second, tower of strength in time of need.

Usage examples: