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Definition of proud:

  1. Having inordinate self- esteem; lofty of mien; grand of person; possessing an unreasonable opinion of one's own excellence; conceited; arrogant; haughty; diseased or fungous, as proud flesh.


Lofty, fine, boastful, entertain, imperial, assuming, superior, disdainful, treat well, elated, unbending, overweening, stately, overbearing, pleased, noble, snotty, bragging, flushed, epic, steep, uplifted, lordly, splendid, presumptuous, resplendent, bold, audacious, magisterial, august, massive, regal, dictatorial, happy, self-respectful, imperious, tall, aloof, exalted, self-conceited, purple, purse-proud, magnificent, chivalrous, provide for, honorable, olympian, high-spirited, egotistic, respected, pompous, too big for one's breeches, high-flown, rarefied, rarified, dignified, conceited, aristocratic, swollen, cavalier, bigheaded, supercilious, snooty, snobbish, high-handed, lofty, patronizing, knightly, high-flown, swollen, superior, glorying, standoffish, respect, redoubtable, high-minded, arrogant, chesty, self-reliant, soaring, consequential, idealistic, gratifying, independent, crank, vain, baronial, overproud, pretentious, self-aggrandising, assertive, mettlesome, over-weening, illustrious, self-satisfied, immodest, swaggering, humble, braggy, high-souled, uppity, triumphant, braggart, purse-proud, prideful, swelled, lordly, overweening, important, independent, braggart, royal, boastful, noble-minded, Homeric, domineering, magnific, aristocratic, stately, monumental, conceited, disdainful, contemptuous, highfalutin, self-sufficient, self-opinionated, jubilant, persnickety, lofty-minded, overbearing, haughty, uppish, vainglorious, gorgeous, beaming, brilliant, high, unpretentious, high-minded, snot-nosed, swollen-headed, rejoicing, stiff-necked, towering, high and mighty, proud of, glorious, ostentatious, impressive, attitude, cock-a-hoop, high-hat, egotistic, Midland, baronial, shabby-genteel, self-important, over-bearing, imposing, inflated, spirited, arrogant, principled, self-confident, majestic, splendorous, heroic, dignified, haughty, big, satisfied, self-possessed, biggety, grandiose, forceful, imperious, supercilious, overwise, crowing, eminent, vain, insolent, sniffy, self-assured, house-proud, exulting, exultant, gratified, egotistical, stuck-up, beautiful, self-sufficient, puffed up, self-respecting, self-aggrandizing, dashing, insolent, complacent, vainglorious, gallant, sublime, elevated.

Usage examples: