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Definition of prove:

  1. To ascertain by trial or comparison; to subject to trial or test; to verify; to demonstrate; to deposit and register for probate, as a will; to be found by experience; to turn out; to be ascertained by the event.


screen, testify, splay, elevate, examine, study, promote, leavened, suffer, participate, analyse, balance, rear, lift, conjure, point, call down, stand up, fold up, evoke, mount, depict, climb up, register, exclude, make good, turn up, develop, call forth, sanction, come over, present, produce, constitute, fix, recruit, upgrade, set up, be evidence of, sustain, poppyseed, undergo, erect, levy, establish, show up, bear witness, jump, heighten, make/prove your/a point, strain, invoke, audition, endorse, ratify, come about, exonerate, strengthen, boot out, turn out, lay down, verify, meet, try on, farm, picture, come on, dough, sample, spread out, institute, know, march, bake, go up, make, show, move up, originate, settle, turn out, found, point to, back, put up, affirm, elicit, nurture, befall, enkindle, try out, bring up, kick upstairs, give, kindle, warrant, rotate, demo, rise, advance, demonstrate, upraise, spring up, plant, rebel, express, go, vouch for, surface, have, bear out, happen, see, read, vindicate, shew, feel, chuck out, essay, ground, come up, convince, bakery, pan out, canvass, establish, occur, launch, resurrect, taste, try, render, uphold, seek, make evident, stress, try, canvas, base, experience, leaven, Show, judge, build, enhance, locate, adjudicate, fold, fire, appear, be, bear out, audit, explain, wax, ascend, get up, knead, provoke, grow, crust, excavate, fall out, come out, get, eject, check, arouse, hear, fall out, demonstrate, parent, assert, climb, switch off, look, record, form, become, arise, attempt, test, cut, instal, test, crusty, conjure up, shake out, have a case, assay, dig up, install, raise, turf out, evidence, uprise, usher, designate, settle once and for all, quiz, put forward, bear, turn off, stir, go through, rise up, tell, take the stand.

Usage examples: