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Definition of provision:

  1. Care or measures taken beforehand; terms settled; care taken; food; the thing or things provided or collected.
  2. To supply with articles of food; to victual.


proviso, bylaw, victuals, specification, basis, eatables, readying, cooking, grooming, eats, terms, if, arrangement, requirement, cookery, handover, contingency, tucker, fare, equipment, grub, preparedness, preparation, vittles, foodstuff, allotment, claim, training, purvey, blueprint, concern, key, civil liberties, meat, prerequisite, reserve, readiness, presentation, sustenance, formulation, outline, nurture, aliment, civil rights, arrangements, element, emergency, stock, Chapter 11, pap, priority, nutriment, prep, ingestion, table, Chapter 7, core, tactic, chow, allocation, release, nourishment, strategy, feature, esculent, act, bill, burning issue/question, conspiracy, plot, provender, edible, homework, store, planned, victual, procurement, agreement, provisions, essence, staple, nutrition, plan, civil law, supplying, case law, viands, comestible, comestibles, limited, pabulum, diet, edibles, chuck, food, supply, foodstuffs, issue, string, bread, planning, distribution.

Usage examples: