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Definition of prudence:

  1. The habit of acting with deliberation and discretion; wisdom applied to practice; carefulness.


discretion, finesse, frugality, anxiety, judiciousness, circumspection, desirableness, discretion, gingerliness, management, advisability, wisdom, providence, worry, save, forethoughtfulness, chariness, careful, care, chariness, caution, discreetness, charge, circumspection, expedience, discernment, concern, judgment, free will, sensibleness, foresight, horse sense, consideration, policy, sense, solicitude, advisableness, desirability, trouble, wit, providence, attention, foresight, gumption, direction, thriftiness, precaution, nous, foresightedness, forehandedness, diplomacy, delicacy, levelheadedness, forethought, oversight, carefulness, forecast, perplexity.

Usage examples: