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Definition of prudish:

  1. Of or like a prude; very formal, precise, or reserved.


over-refined, like a maiden aunt, nice, prudish as an old maid, schoolgirlish, narrow-minded, finicking, smug, hypersensitive, proper, overexact, simpering, squared-toe, niminy-piminy, touchy, genteel, old-maidish, illiberal, stiff, puritanical, offish, straightlaced, artificial, fragile, stilted, prim and proper, oldmaidish, tight-laced, finical, conventional, twee, Victorian, prissy, stuffy, overnice, moody, blue-nosed, puritanic, nice-nelly, straitlaced, bigoted, defensive, plain, bluenosed, pedantic, pretentious, thin-skinned, demure, affected, straight-laced, blue, priggish, stuffy, narrow, sensitive, prim, square-toed.

Usage examples: