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Definition of publication:

  1. See publish.
  2. The act of making public; a book or other literary work printed and offered for sale.


way out, event, findings, copyright, manuscript, exit, effect, result, information, words, number, opus, consequence, discovery, almanac, backlist, issuing, subject, fact, authority, bestseller, bible, proclamation, advisement, detail, emergence, ventilation, title, word, news, disclosure, ISBN, bibliography, offspring, annual, broadcasting, matter, progeny, writing, atlas, paper, edition, government issue, acquaintance, military issue, biography, issuance, knowledge, proceeds, revelation, printing, yield, data, statement, blook, edit, datum, outcome, compilation, autobiography, payoff, notification, declaration, outlet, upshot, issue, communication, egress, A to Z, anthology, annunciation, take, publishing, return, topic, takings.

Usage examples: