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Definition of pucker:

  1. A fold or wrinkle.
  2. A fold or wrinkle; a collection of folds.
  3. To gather into small folds or wrinkles, applied to cloth; to rumple.


pull together, herd, accumulate, assemble, cumulate, buckle, salivate, dribble, creep, meet, get together, collapse, plication, break down, drop, hug, open, hang, crumple, hawk, falter, ruffle up, tumble, breathe, ruffle, knit, drool, rimple, cockle, garner, crumble, flow, collect, bag, flash, fall down, crinkle, undulate, tuck, ruck, shut, gain, ride up, amass, express, entwine, cross, gleam, insert, pile up, bunch, ruck up, plica, rumple, slobber, foregather, fit, forgather, spit, smooth, clear, mess up, riffle, conglomerate, gather.

Usage examples: