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Definition of puddle:

  1. A small pool of muddy water; stiff clay and sand worked together.
  2. To make foul or muddy; to mix dirt and water; to make impervious to water by means of clay, as the embankment of a reservoir; to convert cast- iron into wrought- iron by stirring it while at a red heat in a furnace until it adheres into a lump.


make believe, mere, addle, dew, hold, name, constitute, establish, acid rain, stimulate, gain, create, produce, throw, cloudburst, hit, wee-wee, give, trifle, cook, muddle, mud puddle, syndicate, reach, wanton away, take in, blizzard, induce, fix, micturate, get, pee, realise, make water, arrive at, make up, form, pretend, ready, spend a penny, pee-pee, pull in, band, urinate, do, bring in, get to, deluge, piddle, consortium, downpour, dewdrop, defecate, have, pass water, build, wanton, wee, earn, take, take a leak, pocket billiards, take a crap, clear, billabong, piddle away, curtain, work, stool, ca-ca, score, progress to, lay down, attain, rut, kitty, construct, pool, stank, avalanche, piss, draw, relieve oneself, shit, make, crap, nominate, realize, take a shit, prepare, cause, seduce.

Usage examples: