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Definition of puff:

  1. A breath from the mouth emitted suddenly and with some force; a whiff; a slight gust of wind; anything swollen and light; an exaggerated commendation or advertisement.
  2. To send air from the mouth with a single and sudden blast; to swell, as with wind; to inflate; to swell with pride; to praise unduly; to breathe quick and hard, as after violent exertion.


line, string, tout, go ballistic, pass, cessation, choke, sop up, heft, footstep, pad, blast, hang back, clout, forge ahead, force, powderpuff, flip one's wig, sweep, magnify, imbibe, boost, whiff, draw and quarter, retarding force, plug, detonate, hit the ceiling, fly off the handle, gulp, pull back, drag, go, retch, lose one's temper, haul, hum, reversal, snow, cart, sympathizer, have kittens, reliever, airy, lard, take in, setback, explode, dense, sudden gust, puff up, catch your breath, quarter, puff of air, make, inhale, gabble, set off, hiccup, drop behind, tuffet, chain-smoke, pull out, build up, fancy, drag out, ashtray, tangle, knowledge, hype, bump, draw, comfortableness, airborne, flow, cast, coke, pull in, breathing, head, run, dramatize, nose candy, airflow, absorb, quilt, buckle, scuff, progress, shock, promote, take out, gurgle, combust, air, blow a fuse, comfort, depict, expand, habit, swell, embroider, sigh, talk up, heave, sympathiser, have a fit, breathable, take up, blow, dramatise, zephyr, get out, huff, footrest, sniff, throw a fit, puff out, chuff, solace, gag, waft, warp, draw on, puffed, tie, gasp, reverse, current, embroil, allayer, delineate, embellish, get, draw in, light up, babel, blow up, attract, withdraw, bronchus, black eye, heft up, ballyhoo, get behind, pull, pant, describe, fight for breath, cold turkey, comforter, publicize, snort, bronchial tube, hassock, drag on, press, footfall, suck, pacifier, flip one's lid, guide, reap, draw off, twist, surge, quick blast, airway, trail, aggrandize, drag in, aggrandise, gargle, hit, asphyxia, babble, enhance, amplify, hale, breathe, disembowel, pouffe, airless, enlarge, blow one's stack, walk on, breath, carry on, billow, atmosphere, bronchiole, heave up, drop back, thread, baby's dummy, sweep up, footstool, wrench, ease, inflate, bad breath, trace, eviscerate, winnow, teething ring, artificial respiration, dredge, move, consolation, wind, suck up, soak up, hit the roof, pulling, ottoman, nicotine gum.

Usage examples: