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Definition of puke:

  1. To vomit.


cast, hurl, ptyalise, backside, frame, butt, ditch, drop, blabber, pot, cloy, disgorge, tramp, claxon, buns, scum bag, so-and-so, sick, puking, throw away, idler, betrayer, polecat, tush, cronk, vomiting, bum, emesis, spew out, stinker, nauseant, bottom, cast off, beep, regorge, spew, draw, smoke, gage, can, scour, disgorgement, sess, dirty dog, vomitus, purify, gag, range, mold, stinkpot, rump, prat, come up, eruct, shutout, bilious, drift, hind end, spit, carsick, fundament, tail end, know-all, rear, throw, couch, spill, redact, wood pussy, green goddess, vagabond, regurgitation, roll, roam, upchuck, fanny, chuck, tooshie, nates, purge, derriere, vermin, spit up, shake off, emetic, stray, toss, grass, pat, put, behind, lowlife, hindquarters, do-nothing, throw off, bloated, mouth, stern, layabout, heave, skunk, arse, horror, flush, contrive, sens, loafer, lemon, posterior, blare, vomit, throw up, shed, spue, bring up, be sick, creep, rove, keister, toot, tail, seat, vomit up, sanctify, retch, project, musk turtle, yob, buttocks, barf, hurtle, rotter, rear end, crumb, strikebreaker, informer, chuck up, locoweed, airsick, cat, ptyalize, ramble, ass, squealer, weed, scab, swan, (the) scum of the earth, public enemy number one, mould, public nuisance, blackleg, hobo, dope, reproduce, honk, regurgitate, wander, rat, git, loudmouth, vomitive.

Usage examples: