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Definition of pull:

  1. A pluck; a drawing; a contest.
  2. To draw forcibly; to rend; to draw towards one; to pluck; to gather; to haul or tug.


kink, shut, fall back, tweak, capillary action, turn, fasten, comforter, commit, juice, exclude, dedicate, conjure, fleece, delineate, pull out, injure, rip, row, seal, institutionalize, lick, character, get off, activate, retreat, winding, wrench, draw off, entrust, get around, centripetal force, draw in, leave out, have your eye on someone, draw, harm, bring out, unpack, wedge, ask out, oligopoly, jerk, dazzle, extend, balance, distill, curl, eject, get, whiff, collect, take away, shoot down, put in, overcharge, block off, glamor, tearing, extricate, ashtray, deplumate, ram, perpetrate, whirl, eviscerate, give, chicken out, quilt, clout, suck, charisma, drop, air resistance, confide, crook, roll, gazump, twitch, storm, trail, tug, intrigue, straighten up, tow, lead, draw back, bulge, drag, construction, cast, poke, flash, draw on, leave, coax, hale, hassock, strain, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, soak, Draw, let off, pull back, exit, pull up, hale, rupture, bonding, soak up, calorific, intrust, tear at, trust, practice, get out, root for, glitz, bow out, line, haul up, absorb, retarding force, root, thread, make, extraction, evoke, pluck, bolt, slug, campaign, fire someone with enthusiasm, invite out, rend, trace, take in, consecrate, heave, motivate, burn, hold, take out, canvass, withdraw, take up, extort, fire, draw and quarter, gain, inspire, twist, vantage, disable, emcee, light up, flirt, jam something open/shut, do, press out, side, go on, open up, twisting, wrench, close off, move in, curl up, depict, fight, clout nail, device, jump, might, beat a retreat, hustle, get away, pulling, pick, energize, nicotine gum, represent, extract, good looks, cut, aim, edge, except, retire, force, amplitude, entertain, twirl, get in, sweep to/from power, protract, pick up, bar, fire off, remove, bruise, pull off, pair off, elicit, blow, imbibe, powderpuff, displume, incline, comfort, close in, place, ottoman, absorbance, express, bring in, upper hand, pluck at, overstretch, plume, sop up, engage, forward, run after, tie, whip hand, cleave, tweak, inside track, plait, send, wrest, better, buck, fish out, tear, impel, spanner, charge, puff of air, educe, institutionalise, extract, pouffe, twitch, puff, wound, shoot, credit, rob, bust, drawing, work, cock, go out, pass, stand, centrifugal force, prolong, rive, cover, in, realize, run, rend, cold turkey, disembowel, devote, back down, hook, discharge, get by, tear, draw out, domination, lock out, surcharge, punch, pluck, break, make a pass at someone, strength, quarter, braid, wind, interest, uproot, load, split, cessation, habit, bend, amuse, deplume, string, induce, stead, move out, haul, draw up, suck out, cull, describe, eddy, snatch, escape, heft, put, biff, leadership, omit, retract, enthuse, squeeze, invest, back off, like, monopoly, realise, clear, close up, wring, excite, chase, turn of events, actuate, plunk, reap, leave off, drive, guide, pull in, suck up, debut, gimmick, chat up, distil, catbird seat, buy food, trail, earn, suck in, chain-smoke, high ground, appear, extemporize, flick, snap, thrust, eradicate, pick off, aspirate, coerce, sweep someone off their feet, spin, take, greatness, tress, push, stand for, excerpt.

Usage examples: