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Definition of pull up:

Synonyms for pull up:

press out, root for, gain on, straighten up, frame, back off, overstretch, come up, withdraw, draw in, unpack, go over, deplume, pause, creep up on, dislodge, get out, extend, elicit, aerobics, evoke, near, suck out, catch, compose, flash mob, bow out, check, express, block in, take out, find fault with, extract, distill, bring up, discontinue, move out, take away, arrest, invite out, bear down, elevate, remove, draw up, drop, deplumate, rip, excerpt, stay, distil, bus, change down, buckle up, calisthenics, rend, reproach, bend, blame, bypass, fetch up, omit, back down, chicken out, aquarobics, hold up, bodybuilding, cease, buy food, the burn, carve up, aerobic, shock, abandon, give up, box in, stop, spring a surprise, reprimand, except, shake up, attract, put down, circuit training, astonish, car-pool, remonstrate, make for, leave out, perpetrate, break off, approach, chin-up, still, surprise, stun, draw off, educe, ask out, make toward, haul up, commit, dig out, pluck, advance, astound, amaze, rive, displume, deride, stall, pull, criticize, boxercise, draw out, prolong, aspirate, tear, protract, leave off, quit, pull out, carry, stagger, arrive, denigrate, back up, exclude, draw, rebuke, force, pull-in.