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Definition of pulp:

  1. The soft and juicy tissue of plants; any soft mass; the aril of the coffee- berry; in anat., the inner surface of the tooth.
  2. To reduce to a soft mass; to separate from the fibrous and harder portions.


batter, pith, curare, physique, bruising, clear, abstract, artistic, mush, dough, physical body, bubble, frame, peel, figure, atomize, weatherize, pap, campy, shape, avant-garde, sponge, tan, camp, help, boil, peelings, aesthetic, guck, build, agar, extract, sludge, a, boil away, balsam, boil up, jelly, gunk, cellulose, nectar, human body, break down, pulp magazine, alkaloid, paste, chassis, hull, form, slime, boil over, romance, bake, ooze, flesh, slop, soma, cornmeal mush, essence, poultice, marrow, goo, essential oil, material body, pectin, belladonna, dextrose, anatomy, refine, core, treat, bod, glop, artsy-craftsy, treacle, pornography, accessible, cloud, juice, gunge, chlorophyll, baroque, jam.

Usage examples: