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Definition of pulsate:

  1. To beat or throb, as the heart.


palpitate, interest, motivate, amaze, pound, gravel, excite, flutter, outsmart, flummox, overreach, flitter, shiver, stupefy, bewilder, tucker out, sounds, work over, beat up, dazzle, murmur, shell, exhaust, repetition, inspire, shudder, drum, quake, buzz, pitter-patter, wash up, crush, bunk, outwit, outfox, scramble, enthuse, attract, stick, tucker, purr, thrum, intrigue, puzzle, vanquish, beat out, mystify, nonplus, pose, roar, pit-a-pat, hum, thump, fire someone with enthusiasm, rumble, thrill, vex, trounce, perplex, flap, waver, grumble, baffle, get, dumbfound, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, quiver, resonate, ticktack, resound, ticktock, circumvent, flicker.