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Definition of pulse:

  1. Grain contained in a pod or case.
  2. The alternate contractions and dilatations of an artery, caused by the action of the heart, and perceptible to the touch; a throb; any measured or regular beat.


wink, crotchet, shudder, run, repetition, flash, nervous impulse, caprice, jiffy, fossil fuel, fit, meter, rush, blast, cadence, spurt, blink of an eye, round, carry on, atheroma, go, momentum, whim, split second, forge ahead, outburst, aorta, quiver, beat, pulsation, accompany, bang out, ABO system, move, baton, atrium, nerve impulse, biofuel, grip, instant, thrill, press, biomass, anticoagulant, pulsate, articulation, artery, B, do, come over, beat out, progress, metre, head, neural impulse, double flat, arrange, bass, capacity, flush, biogas, pass, throb, back, gas, C, chord, sounds, pulse rate, pulsing, engulf, fuel, measure, bleeding, twinge, grow, twinkling, impulse, musical rhythm, atmospherics, blast away, walk on, trice, A, heartbeat, D, shiver, coal-fired, beatnik, heighten, color, energy, impetus, beating, flow, heart rate, impulsion, surge, sweep over, burn, urge, spasm.

Usage examples: