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Definition of pummel:

  1. See Pommel.
  2. To beat; to beat roughly.


whale, win, switch, mess, obliterate, trounce, clobber, club, slate, overcome, smack, pound, bludgeon, thrash, denounce, assault, punch out, attack, stun, ruin, tan, belt, shatter, lace, lather, pelt, do, knock out, slog, paddle, cry foul, beat up, devastate, pillory, vandalize, work over, lambast, study at beat, maul, ravage, drub, thump, smash, decry, hide, lambaste, jab, pommel, assail, buffet, batter, wallop, trash, baste, condemn, flog, rain blows on, whup, beat, fib, rough, hammer, biff, whip, belabor, crush, bat, bash, curry, thresh, tromp, eat away, bring/call/hold someone to account, whop, lash, strike, birch, defeat, bung up, mutilate, overpower, destroy, hit, lick, punch.