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Definition of punch:

  1. A for making indentations or dots in a piece of work, as for suspension between lathe centers, etc.
  2. A for punching holes in sheet metal, having a small conical center to insure correct locating.


cowherd, buffet, alcohol, flail, bop, esprit, adjustable wrench, rousing, salt lick, stirring, switch, larrup, batter, jab, hack, poking, squeeze, crack, plump, haymaker, thump, laggard, ginger, brio, gusto, moxie, thrusting, lash, spank, chase, booze, pep, lick, smash, cuff, smacker, sap, moving, sock, action, wham, scrunch, blow, clout nail, impact, beat up, stun, pound, compress, cathartic, type slug, clip, pigeon berry, bang, bludgeon, swat, hit, trailer, slam, dab, grind, crimp, starch, puncher, double, flatten, bat, effectiveness, wallop, cattleman, whack, plug, cowpoke, hook, stroke, applicator, slap, bonk, blowtorch, verve, beans, fillip, pull, dynamism, zip, poke, garget, clap, paper bag, butt, plug away, pelt, nip, stinger, vigor, vinegar, attack, thud, vigorousness, emotional, chop, get-up-and-go, zing, drone, forcefulness, bash, gas, sluggard, affect, emotive, enterprise, life, inflammable, tired, scoke, Drugs, whop, chip away, dawdler, douse, perforate, cowboy, vitality, sack, cowhand, bust, kick, cut, biff, box, press, go, box end wrench, hustle, bradawl, cowman, carrier bag, smack, beat, crush, cup, bellows, stripe, energy, card, spat, hammer blow, blowlamp, swipe, jabbing, welt, stop up, overwhelming, dram, oomph, aperitif, chaser, sting, hardihood, dash, Allen wrench, secure, vim, slug, initiative, lagger, cowpuncher, bounce, gumption, rap, try, thwack, snap, belt, bullet, depress, lap, rub.

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