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Definition of puncture:

  1. To pierce.


blowout, pack a punch, breach, pinprick, debunk, cleft, leak, dent, aquaplane, break up, crater, blindside, accident, hole, crumble, broadside, crack, collision, disintegrate, break, abyss, deflate, skew, cranny, lead to, perforation, tear, gap, discredit, cut, decide, enter, break, rip, blowhole, cavity, chink, color, stir, catch, open, car crash, channel, influence, MARKS, prick, aperture, flat, bang up, splinter, perforation, breakdown, stab, fragment, grip, break down, fall apart, riddle, value, hole, pinhole, deflate, give, shatter, smash, shoot down, explode.

Usage examples: