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Definition of pungent:

  1. Sharp; stinging or pricking; sharp on the tongue; sharp- tasted; biting; acrimonious; sarcastic.


bristly, setose, spiny, truculent, barbellate, hot, nippy, frosty, attack, briery, acerb, crisp, inedible, peppery, scalding, nasty, insipid, acid, prickly, barbed, snappy, spicy, burry, zesty, snarky, mordacious, harsh, smart-aleck, strong, bristled, sulphurous, acrid, stinging, zingy, accusatory, sarcastic, biting, acidulated, gingery, acetous, savage, trenchant, smart-mouthed, bland, mordant, savory, alliaceous, sardonic, virulent, bad, respect, taste, acrimonious, accusing, cutting, briary, setaceous, tasteless, pert, unpalatable, astringent, vitriolic, satiric, corrosive, nipping, sulfurous, stale, thorny, scathing, burred, smart-alecky, slashing, acidulous, salty, irate, ad hominem, blistering, rancid, vinegarish, garlicky.

Usage examples: