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Definition of puny:

  1. Inferior in size or strength; small; feeble.


bad, small, Lilliputian, gangling, strong, pitiful, toylike, frail, weak, skinny, poor, flimsy, sawed-off, gaunt, dinky, undersized, emaciated, half-pint, dire, insubstantial, subnormal, fragile, big, low-grade, pint-sized, excess, underweight, be (all) skin and bone(s), decrepit, runty, embarrassing, crap, skimpy, measly, fine, weakly, lanky, exiguous, terrible, second-rate, thin, pint-size, anorexic, little, shrimpy, pocket-size, pygmy, sparse, unsubstantial, unsound, feeble, sawn-off, infirm, disgraceful.

Usage examples: