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Definition of purchase:

  1. Anything acquired by paying a price in money; anything obtained by labour or danger, & c.; any mechanical power or advantage applied to the raising or removing of heavy bodies.
  2. To buy; to obtain in exchange for money; to obtain at the expense of labour, skill, & c.; to gain advantage or power by mechanical means.


acquirement, merchandise, buy, comparison-shop, bargain for, get, obtain, conspicuous consumption, wares, invest in, buying, shopping, credit, booty, bargain, secure, leveraging, brand loyalty, barter for, bundle, come-on, consumer goods, offering, grease one's palms, import, buy, cop, acquire, product, get in, caveat emptor, getting, loss leader, goods, place, buy up, charge card, corrupt, marketing, snap up, possession, leverage, pick up, bribe, procure, property, money, account, bargaining, charge account, consumption.

Usage examples: