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Definition of purge:

  1. A medicine that causes frequent evacuations of the intestines.
  2. To cleanse or clear from impurities; to purify; to clear from guilt or moral defilement; to have frequent loose evacuations from the intestines.


9/11, hallow, retch, sluice, purgation, spill, throw, contrive, blare, fence in, throw up, roll, katharsis, weed out, extinction, liquidation, crimson, replace, redact, dispose of, vomit, apostasy, project, cat, even, reproduce, anarchy, barricade, ejection, vomit up, pat, eruct, bioterrorism, abrade, toot, 7/7, shake off, distill, extirpation, swan, regurgitate, bind, help, throw away, upchuck, wander, rove, make pure, ditch, spue, drop, fetter, limit, ramble, clarification, cleaning, mold, liquidation, removal, dislodge, evacuate, acquit, hurtle, infringe, vindicate, exonerate, puke, frame, chuck, level, disposal, spit, redden, riddance, flush, beep, blush, agriterrorism, purging, consecrate, exculpate, shed, dump, take, cronk, annihilation, barf, discard, take off, keep, get out, sublimate, claxon, tramp, drift, disposition, control, boycott, toss, absolve, spew out, elimination, constrain, destruction, range, heave, regorge, pen in, put, stray, throw off, bless, draw, cast, eradication, vagabond, disgorge, extermination, spew, scour, roam, excrete, removal, eradication, sweep away, religion, law, gag, wipe out, flush out, eradicate, sanctify, clearance, civil disobedience, assassination, extract, couch, tie down, ptyalize, hurl, sick, hamper, cast off, mould, agitation, ptyalise, expulsion, abolition, honk, be sick, lustrate, even out.

Usage examples: