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Definition of purloin:

  1. To practice theft; to steal.


bring up, crimes, crochet, mulct, divert, detach, pluck, defraud, snatch, squeeze, goldbrick, face-lift, scam, separate, take away, give, annul, distract, mouse, arise, pilfer, bunco, hoist, cabbage, withdraw, nip, short-change, gazump, glom, pussyfoot, surcharge, addict, knock off, get up, fleece, solicit, overturn, elevate, lift, twitch, heist, eliminate, top, rustle, come up, swindle, snitch, raise, go up, overcharge, rescind, creep, remove, airlift, abduct, reverse, plagiarize, gyp, distinguish, discriminate, rip off, nobble, snarf, repeal, hook, countermand, rise, diddle, thieve, gip, revoke, abstract, plagiarise, snare, accost, rook, hornswoggle, vellicate, twinge, slip, uprise, crimp, rob, con, tweet, kidnap, vacate, cop, swipe, sneak, appropriate, move up, rear, soak, victimize, wind, steal, pinch, plume, filch.

Usage examples: