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Definition of purple:

  1. Red or livid; dyed with blood.
  2. The colour formed by blending red and blue; a purple dress or robe, worn exclusively by the Roman emperors- hence, imperial power.
  3. To make or dye purple; to clothe with purple.


empurpled, gallant, bluish, highfalutin, coloured, chromatic, majestic, Tyrian purple, aureate, purpled, imperial, baby-blue, royal purple, violet, empurple, regal, in color, rhetorical, colored, reddish blue, bluish red, colorful, proud, over-embellished, purpurate, blue, ornate, azure, wine, black, high-flown, dahlia purple, noble, amber, amethyst, Indian purple, beige, high-sounding, royal, florid, puce, grandiloquent, olympian, red, alabaster, purpleness, magnific, pomegranate, embellished, avocado, purplish, lofty, purply.

Usage examples: