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Definition of purport:

  1. Design; tendency of anything said or written; import; meaning.
  2. To mean; to import; to signify.


nominate, calculate, meaning, suggest, drive, smell, disembodied spirit, drift, flavour, message, pretend, keep up, value, flavor, train, place, heart, resolve, subtext, target, feel, sprightliness, tease, thrust, significancy, meaning, emotional state, shoot for, declare oneself, tone, look, advise, heading, project, intent, take, denotation, impetus, burden, simulate, content, purpose, signification, propose, acceptation, spirit, tendency, sense, gallery, aspire, play out, usage, pop the question, movement, amount, connotation, fake, feeling, draw a bead on, significance, liveliness, substance, design, offer, point, idea, significance, direct, get, take aim, life, intention, import, trend, impulsion, tenor, aim, play along.

Usage examples: