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Definition of purse:

  1. A small money bag or case; a sum of money given as a prize or present; in Turkey, the sum of 500 piastres.
  2. To contract into folds or wrinkles, like the mouth of a purse.


clutch bag, moneybox, vanity case, cup of tea, change purse, bum bag, blood money, billfold, udder, pocket edition, vanity case, baggage, bursa, bursa, crinkle, coin purse, backpack, scrunch up, sporran, carryall, clutch, traveling bag, accompanied baggage, travelling bag, belt-purse, bounty, dressage, bailout, clutch, halfpenny-purse, going, coin purse, crumple, flat racing, furrow, gymkhana, handbag, base, horseflesh, pocketbook, notecase, cabin baggage, bag, saccule, poche, furlong, moneybag, double, ruckle, dish, grip, piggy bank, vanity bag, rumple, sporran, amount, wrinkle, flat race, halfpenny-purse, crease, scrunch, old bag, handicap, saccule, vanity bag, poche, the horses, belt-purse, appropriation, attache case, clutch bag, pocket book, cash flow, budget, money belt, bagful, money belt, briefcase, crisp, carpetbag, moneybag.

Usage examples: