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Definition of pursue:

  1. To go or proceed after; to follow with a view to overtake; to chase; to prosecute; to follow as an example; to strive to reach or gain; to go on; to proceed.


observe, conform to, chase down, abide by, bird-dog, keep an eye on, engage, carry on, have your eye on someone, hunt down, run, stick to, espouse, try, lease, come after, hound, be, enlist, employ, look up, push for, work, play along, sweep someone off their feet, mesh, stick with, in hot pursuit, engross, trace, hire, cast around, obey, attempt, prosecute, shadow, give chase, chat up, comply, heed, imitate, pick up, watch, follow up on, hunt out, run after, absorb, fall out, execute, quest for, persevere, struggle, follow through, forage, sex, surveil, attend, survey, lock, course, cast about, pass, continue, track down, try for, adopt, watch over, keep up, wage, follow, act on, go about, come, strain, charter, plight, take after, Romance, travel along, shop, court, postdate, pair off, flirt, rent, follow up, conduct, betroth, woo, go after, copy, occupy, accompany, ask out, get after, take, keep abreast, practice, chase after, carry out, spark, make a pass at someone, press for, practise, lead, live, affiance, tag, quest after, operate.

Usage examples: