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Definition of pursuit:

  1. The act of following in haste, either in sport or in hostility; endeavour to attain or gain; course of business or occupation; in pursuance of, a legal expression signifying " in fulfilment or execution of".


tracking, hunt down, spare-time activity, pursual, amusement, enthusiasm, heavy lifting, hobby, shadowing, career, do, binge, dogging, employment, occupation, seek, sake, care, practice, change, stake, chasing, crowd pleaser, interest group, involvement, rocking horse, hounding, business, sideline, recreation, job, trade, conduct, run after, escapism, following, racket, delight, prosecution, blast, action, tagging, craft, line, inquisition, calling, pursue, pastime, hot pursuit, exertion, dedication, tracing, enjoyment, challenge, in hot pursuit, hunting, come after, chase, pursuance, hunt, seeking, art, interest, trailing, effort, pursuing, by-line, avocation, hobbyhorse, get after, tailing, discharge, hunt out, race, interestingness, employ, credit line, strain, followers, transaction, chase down, quest, execution, out of bounds, work.

Usage examples: