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Definition of push:

  1. A crowd; a company or clique of associates; a gang.


tote, press out, crush, nip, straining, herd, iron, convex, exit, motor, tug, knife thrust, driving force, grind, go away, scrunch, free energy, battle, plug, upgrade, beat back, annoy, advertise, pertain, overwork, iron out, release, raise, enter, stimulus, vigour, attain, publicise, cut, fight down, keep someone busy, overload, war, driving, antagonize, muscularity, stand, a tall order, will, kick upstairs, black out, bother, advance, travail, split, turn on, shoulder, kinetic energy, ride, withdraw, shake up, campaign, shift, talk up, clit, blackout, dig, flatten, force back, push button, elevate, perseverance, bombed-out, stir, retire, take the field, pull, shake, relate, chore, exhort, get-up-and-go, hawk, commove, cut out, sell, active duty, jar, stretch, fulfill, crowd, jab, oppose, juggernaut, madden, necessity, forcing, leave, contend, vigor, storm, urge on, adjure, hale, energy, blow, contract, poking, uphold, come, depress, drum up, jabbing, try, woo, movement, cut across, labour, reserve, weight-lift, refer, attempt, occupy, crusade, defend, rub, drudge, thrusting, quit, active service, get away, vim, assault, fight, the impossible, dynamism, raise up, infuriate, come to, beseech, resist, traverse, peddle, push back, stimulant, prodding, bandwagon, knowledge, burden, cut through, drive, thrust, overtake, shove off, pushing, convince, bear upon, depart, force, resolve, popularize, headache, prevail on, irritate, run, take, hit the road, swamp, boost, labor, repulse, stir up, get, approach, pull out, ballyhoo, wedge, battle cry, press, compress, potential, determination, entreat, muscle, affect, toil, exertion, carry on, reach, weigh, promote, besiege, zip, disturb, get off, lean, conjure, build up, continue, bear, bearing, mare, air cover, the elephant in the room, nourishment, concern, persuade, stab, take leave, button, vex, clitoris, crowd together, trial run, agitate, charge up, ambition, vitality, encouragement, thrust aside, combat, have-to doe with, publicize, propulsion, retail, aspiration, cross, drive someone mad, beleaguered, compact, fight back, take off, anger, struggle, weight, auction, stock, scalp, deal, touch, preserve, strain, draw, mass, budge, lug, effort, blitz, mission, go, constrict, dissuade, persuasion, excite, tout, carry, aim, shoving, impact, inducement, bear on, weightlift, further, aggressor, over, chase, bid, solicit, rouse, task, work, skirmish, frustrate, pitched battle, belligerent, cry, touch on, repel, squeeze, incursion, exerting of pressure, moil, advertize, blow, fight your way, charge.

Usage examples: