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Definition of put in:

Synonyms for put in:

approach, set, ballot, erect, sink, fit, found, give up, arrange, inject, present, hand over, entreat, request, come about, quit, cut someone short, bring in, drop/dump something in someone's lap, move toward, single out, lay out, blackball, bring out, intervene, founder, elect, shout out, pay into, piece, kill, hydroplane, butt in, come out, saddle with, pass on, interject, move into, go into, want, shift, hook into, heel, sneak in, reconcile, enter, shut in, name, cast off, introduce, underwrite, plow into, install, tab, disconnect, land with, call away, attach, sow, relegate, insist, abstain, chuck up the sponge, interfere, cut in, hedge, connect, entrust, innovate, stack away, usher in, pick, crash, store, insert, appoint, posit, put, assemble, step in, close, subject, come in, fit out, go about, spoil, throw in the towel, pass, gear up, confine, throw in, chime in, precede, place, shoot, tack together, adopt, land, infix, drill, launch, break in, go in, alarm, preface, give in, fall by the wayside, ensnare, pitch, ground, reelect, capsize, tack, hive away, put on, order, raise, effectuate, put together, slip in, invite, set up, state, put forward, return, salt away, defer, bow, get into, send for, enclose, render, submit, jump in, lay in, drop by the wayside, instal, order up, carry, invest, fix, enwrap, effect, automate, rig, gate-crash, seed, implore, prepare, spend, frame, anoint, envelop, inclose, heave to, establish, dedicate to, tuck, accede, rear, stick in, chisel in, entrap, dock, devote to, stash away, roll over, save, speculate, lumber, ask for, barge in, interrupt, ready, premise, enfold, impose, inaugurate, interpose, take, hold in, come, acquaint, break, put up, put into, fill, close in, resign, get in, wrap, delegate, drop out.