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Definition of quaint:

  1. Characterized by ingenuity or art; finely fashioned; skillfully wrought; elegant; graceful; nice; neat.
  2. Curious and fanciful; affected; odd; whimsical; antique; archaic; singular; unusual; as, quaint architecture; a quaint expression.
  3. Prudent; wise; hence, crafty; artful; wily.


modern, usual, antique, queer, rummy, quirky, strange, singular, baroque, rum, Colonial, Victorian, ancient, erratic, old-time, fanciful, Gothic, stylish, bizarre, fashionable, funny, old-fashioned, Olde Worlde, antiquated, archaic, up-to-date, superannuated, eccentric, freakish, unnatural, odd, peculiar, cute, affected, idiosyncratic, whimsical, unusual, outlandish, screwball, cranky, kooky, weird, curious.

Usage examples: