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Definition of qualify:

  1. Hence, to soften; to abate; to diminish; to assuage; to reduce the strength of, as liquors.
  2. To be or become qualified; to be fit, as for an office or employment.
  3. To give individual quality to; to modulate; to vary; to regulate.
  4. To make such as is required; to give added or requisite qualities to; to fit, as for a place, office, occupation, or character; to furnish with the knowledge, skill, or other accomplishment necessary for a purpose; to make capable, as of an employment or privilege; to supply with legal power or capacity.
  5. To obtain legal power or capacity by taking the oath, or complying with the forms required, on assuming an office.
  6. To reduce from a general, undefined, or comprehensive form, to particular or restricted form; to modify; to limit; to restrict; to restrain; as, to qualify a statement, claim, or proposition.
  7. To soothe; to cure; - said of persons.


throw out, open up, change, exchange, fit, substitute, particularise, commission, construction, delimit, throw away, lecture, specialize, measure up, the fact that, enter, toss away, convert, determine, characterize, lubricate, confine, anyway, season, chuck out, cut back, face, fit in with, satisfy, incline, peg down, empower, educate, transmute, characterise, tame, delineate, duel, put through, designate, assign, reduce, specialise, concord, narrow, tone down, cast away, retake, help along, certify, alter, represent, accredit, declension, commute, dispose, privilege, get through, discard, come up to, suit, encourage, ready, pass, turn, commentary box, namely, cast aside, enable, collocate, discipline, intend, lend itself to something, metamorphose, toss, permit, coach, ground, curb, collocation, transfigure, incidentally, entitle, prepare, stipulate, diversify, tutor, let, fling, equip, officiate, license, destine, agree with, restrain, ride, veer, meet, define, comparison, conjugate, match up, put away, warrant, condition, moderate, nail down, pin down, modify, fail, resit, specify, carry, authorize, trammel, charter, invest, contest, soften, transform, anyhow, train, by the way, linesman, instruct, teach, furthermore, flunk, take up, fix, not to mention, vary, judge, card, speak for itself, initiate, bound, in any case, cast out, restrict, curtail, play, delimitate, mute, vest, live up to, cohesion, complementation, bomb, set, book, shift, toss out, check, subdue, call, particularize, throttle, race, increase, score, even so, caller, narrow down, induct, dip out, set apart.

Usage examples: