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Definition of quest:

  1. Inquest; jury of inquest.
  2. Request; desire; solicitation.
  3. The act of seeking, or looking after anything; attempt to find or obtain; search; pursuit; as, to rove in quest of game, of a lost child, of property, etc.
  4. Those who make search or inquiry, taken collectively.
  5. To go on a quest; to make a search; to go in pursuit; to beg.
  6. To search for; to examine.


pastime, avocation, postulate, indicate, interest, pursuance, crusade, signal, pursuit, ask, pursuing, by-line, hobby, call for, demand, request, following, prosecution, bay, betoken, pursual, collect, take, invite, seeking, need, pick up, involve, bespeak, necessitate, spare-time activity, gather up, require, examination, sideline, point.

Usage examples: