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Definition of quid:

  1. A portion suitable to be chewed; a cud; as, a quid of tobacco.
  2. An English coin, a sovereign.
  3. To drop from the mouth, as food when partially chewed; - said of horses.


heap, great deal, pot, punt, pound sterling, hatful, fire hydrant, lb, deal, passel, pile, slew, chewing, ballyhoo, mess, mastication, jade, cud, chew, manduction, raft, mint, mickle, dog pound, chaw, muckle, mass, stopple, peck, batch, hack, plug, quid pro quo, plenty, spark plug, stack, spate, sparking plug, nag, quite a little, good deal, pound sign, rechewed food, lbf., hammering, British Pound, hoopla, male plug, fireplug, flock, stopper, hype, sight, mountain, wad, pound, hammer, lot, tidy sum, pounding.

Usage examples: