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Definition of raft:

  1. A collection of logs, boards, pieces of timber, or the like, fastened together, either for their own collective conveyance on the water, or to serve as a support in conveying other things; a float.
  2. A collection of logs, fallen trees, etc. ( such as is formed in some Western rivers of the United States), which obstructs navigation.
  3. A large collection of people or things taken indiscriminately.
  4. imp. & p. p. of Reave.
  5. of Reave
  6. To transport on a raft, or in the form of a raft; to make into a raft; as, to raft timber.


locoweed, pickle, diving bell, chunk, bundle, bus, green goddess, smoke, mint candy, length, ken, piling, corporation, stool, cockleshell, mussiness, shipload, quid, mass, push-down store, diving board, the great unwashed, potbelly, upsurge, kettle of fish, fortune, rush, scads, ton, basketful, destiny, spile, hundred, visual modality, plentifulness, visual sense, oodles, plug, softwood, push-down stack, slew, commode, people, volume, vision, poolside, float, bowser, mess, atomic reactor, bucket, abundance, quantity, multitude, cud, loads, can, set, stilt, agglomerate, luck, gage, grass, muddle, circle, atomic pile, survey, bulk carrier, plenitude, lot, lane, jam, pool, mickle, cumulation, canal boat, deal, smokestack, swimming raft, cumulus, clutch, heap, sheaf, pile, hole, big money, lashings, surge, potful, truckload, carload, lighter, wad, profusion, fold, bulk, sess, potentiometer, pack, Aqualung, quite a little, portion, chaw, dope, bargain, draw, caboodle, balsa, passel, mint, trade, chew, myriad, freshet, weed, jackpot, mess hall, troop, circumstances, potty, mountain, masses, business deal, megabucks, nap, tidy sum, pot, mound, flowerpot, yard, skunk, down, push-down list, barrel, fix, carrier, much, big bucks, flock, voltaic pile, muckle, toilet, coracle, plateful, band, boatload, throne, tummy, infinity pool, hoi polloi, mount, kitty, peck, fate, reams, bay window, push-down storage, whole lot, crapper, bathhouse, great deal, messiness, muss, life raft, rubber raft, bushel, fistful, gobs, chain reactor, stack, dozen, view, multiplicity, batch, hand, plenteousness, plenty, store, galvanic pile, sight, jalopy, wealth, whole slew, sens, bunch, spate, plentitude, good deal, hatful.

Usage examples: