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Definition of ragbag:

Synonyms for ragbag:

mixed bag, medley, mishmash, tumble, gallimaufry, menagerie, scramble, motley, litter, miscellanea, alphabet soup, mingle-mangle, olla podrida, concoction, amalgam, omnium-gatherum, hodgepodge, salmagundi, pastiche, agglomerate, smorgasbord, jungle, odds and ends, combo, assortment, variety, botch, patchwork quilt, compound, melange, jumble, farrago, welter, mac├ędoine, muddle, blend, hash, salad, potpourri, combination, hybrid, agglomeration, clutter, oddments, olio, gumbo, mix, rummage, ragout, grab bag, jambalaya, hotchpotch, stew, crazy quilt, shuffle, mixture, patchwork, montage, collage.

Usage examples: