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Definition of raised:

  1. Leavened; made with leaven, or yeast; - used of bread, cake, etc., as distinguished from that made with cream of tartar, soda, etc. See Raise, v. t., 4.
  2. Lifted up; showing above the surroundings; as, raised or embossed metal work.
  3. of Raise


rise, top, leavened, trained, overmuch, prepared, educated, perpendicular, standing, horizontal, excessive, low, topmost, plumb, low-rise, high, stand-up, upright, increase, knee-high, upper, higher, jacked, erect, vertical, up, high up, precipitous, exceptional, embossed, hyper-, level, lofty, too, surplus, uppermost, bred, beyond, adorned, over, brocaded, above, overly, upstanding, decorated, aloft.

Usage examples: