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Definition of rakish:

  1. Dissolute; lewd; debauched.
  2. Having a saucy appearance indicative of speed and dash.


perverse, stylish, debauched, self-possessed, devil-may-care, sick, merry, whipping, self-assured, incontinent, reprobate, degraded, happy-go-lucky, frosty, gay, spiffy, unconstrained, zippy, perverted, dissolute, uninhibited, licentious, degenerate, unclean, brisk, debonaire, self-confident, wanton, abandoned, freewheeling, loose, dignified, demoralized, uncontrolled, fashionable, unrestrained, rattling, harum-scarum, debased, dissipated, crisp, proud, bold, fast, confident, dapper, snappy, gallant, unbridled, ungoverned, nippy, unconventional, snappish, forceful, rakehell, depraved, lively, wild, chipper, raffish, jackleg, dashing, carefree, natty, debonair, decadent, alert, spanking, profligate, libertine, restraint, slaphappy, unwholesome, spruce, smart, warped, jaunty, assertive, nipping.

Usage examples: