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Definition of ramification:

  1. A division into principal and subordinate classes, heads, or departments; also, one of the subordinate parts; as, the ramifications of a subject or scheme.
  2. A small branch or offshoot proceeding from a main stock or channel; as, the ramifications of an artery, vein, or nerve.
  3. The process of branching, or the development of branches or offshoots from a stem; also, the mode of their arrangement.
  4. The production of branchlike figures.


offset, concentration, offshoot, complicatedness, radiation, consequence, arm, leg, branch, bough, precipitate, implication, limb, forking, subdivision, event, cause, issue, centralization, resultant, outcome, harvest, tortuousness, aftermath, fork, repercussion, corollary, divarication, river, division, wooden leg, furcation, pegleg, effect, end product, upshot, fruit, sequent, outgrowth, knottiness, stage, peg, crotch, sequence, sequel, partition, breaking, branching, complication, result.

Usage examples: