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Definition of ramshackle:

  1. Loose; disjointed; falling to pieces; out of repair.
  2. To search or ransack; to rummage.


unsound, jumbled, decrepit, beat-up, condemned, beaten-up, neglectful, down-at-heel, bedraggled, better, broken-down, anyhow, abandoned, scrubby, draggled, tatterdemalion, tumble-down, remiss, messy, deserted, disordered, delinquent, flea-bitten, creaky, woebegone, all over the place, derelict, rumpled, straggly, ruinous, disorderly, weak, dilapidated, tattered, tumbledown, decaying, run-down, untidy, do for, rickety, unsteady, rundown, damaged.

Usage examples: