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Definition of range:

  1. A bolting sieve to sift meal.
  2. A kitchen grate.
  3. A place where shooting, as with cannons or rifles, is practiced.
  4. A series of things in a line; a row; a rank; as, a range of buildings; a range of mountains.
  5. A wandering or roving; a going to and fro; an excursion; a ramble; an expedition.
  6. An aggregate of individuals in one rank or degree; an order; a class.
  7. An extended cooking apparatus of cast iron, set in brickwork, and affording conveniences for various ways of cooking; also, a kind of cooking stove.
  8. Extent or space taken in by anything excursive; compass or extent of excursion; reach; scope; discursive power; as, the range of one's voice, or authority.
  9. In the public land system of the United States, a row or line of townships lying between two successive meridian lines six miles apart.
  10. See of cable, below.
  11. Sometimes, less properly, the trajectory of a shot or projectile.
  12. That which may be ranged over; place or room for excursion; especially, a region of country in which cattle or sheep may wander and pasture.
  13. The horizontal distance to which a shot or other projectile is carried.
  14. The region within which a plant or animal naturally lives.
  15. The step of a ladder; a rung.
  16. To be native to, or live in, a certain district or region; as, the peba ranges from Texas to Paraguay.
  17. To be native to, or to live in; to frequent.
  18. To be placed in order; to be ranked; to admit of arrangement or classification; to rank.
  19. To dispose in a classified or in systematic order; to arrange regularly; as, to range plants and animals in genera and species.
  20. To have a certain direction; to correspond in direction; to be or keep in a corresponding line; to trend or run; - often followed by with; as, the front of a house ranges with the street; to range along the coast.
  21. To have range; to change or differ within limits; to be capable of projecting, or to admit of being projected, especially as to horizontal distance; as, the temperature ranged through seventy degrees Fahrenheit; the gun ranges three miles; the shot ranged four miles.
  22. To place ( as a single individual) among others in a line, row, or order, as in the ranks of an army; - usually, reflexively and figuratively, ( in the sense) to espouse a cause, to join a party, etc.
  23. To rove at large; to wander without restraint or direction; to roam.
  24. To rove over or through; as, to range the fields.
  25. To sail or pass in a direction parallel to or near; as, to range the coast.
  26. To separate into parts; to sift.
  27. To set in a row, or in rows; to place in a regular line or lines, or in ranks; to dispose in the proper order; to rank; as, to range soldiers in line.


trudge, drive-by, digress, regularize, chord, prescribe, send, melt down, dictate, knowledge, habitat, roll out, rate, black market, setting, start, vomit, background, compass, thread, ace, race, pasture, buyer's market, spew, blow, cranial orbit, invest, escape, revolve, dune, aim, order, feed, A, wrap, oscilloscope, swerve, airspeed, come in, execute, blender, confines, run, extend, die hard, mountain range, chuck, prevail, purge, hightail it, collate, stray, plain, hunt down, turn, horizon, puke, domain, start out, hunt, regurgitate, melt, kitchen stove, circumnavigate, appliance, tell, block, veer, amble, cookstove, double, climb, fold, take to the woods, throw up, range of mountains, rake, lea, backlog, cultivate, bunker, ability, clutches, simulacrum, downs, kitchen range, verify, hurl, do, course, colander, outrank, extension, pen, spread, C, call, commit, take in, set, out of earshot, stove, balance, near, airdrop, tend, picture, undulate, count in, crop, drop, beat, expanse, footslog, celestial orbit, electron orbit, scat, swan, slog, figure of speech, vagabond, look-alike, lam, prune, ladder, column, get down, cheat, airborne, grassland, upchuck, divagate, aftermarket, persist, trim, breadth, part, take off, shed, campaign, post, fell, set out, calibre, localize, image, chamber, corral, width, airlift, limit, capacity, B, project, foothills, bleed, cue, go astray, coffee maker, twine, paddock, be adrift, allocation, strand, bayonet, hurtle, kraal, be given, present, air-to-air, pose, spue, highlands, freewheel, say, barf, clasp, represent, regulate, direct marketing, ambit, pasturage, cut back, restraint, limitation, rove, arena, persona, lean, cooking stove, sphere, jog, track down, avoid, clear, target, grade, appreciation, ordain, meander, aerobatics, unravel, ply, icon, beater, mold, dress, lop, hold, reaching, lead, value, align, perambulation, rank, safe, affirm, realm, double flat, reach, add on, roll up, fusillade, ramble, mould, butt, grasp, air corridor, incorporate, constraint, barnyard, trope, bass, restriction, cast, pad, begin, hairsbreadth, radius, set up, set off, fire, score, sort, lay, array, draw, organize, cuckold, cliff, err, round, bogie, birdie, clench, country, backswing, saunter, straddle, hammer, caddy, circumvent, scarper, exchange, retch, pile, direct, piece, depart, meadow, cold call, D, orbit, consecrate, pass by, chain, cross-selling, file, betray, paradigm, come out, disgorge, couch, carry, throw, surf, ramble on, coffee machine, frame, vomit up, burner, pluck, discharge, mental image, crease, involve, turn tail, chemical chain, build in, purview, clip, drift, throw away, detour, flow, chicken run, bunk, barrel, sick, control, train, snip, boundary, cathode-ray oscilloscope, arithmetic, include, figure, prototype, plod, locate, tramp, float, gauge, farmyard, range of a function, endure, crotchet, orbital cavity, play, ikon, cheat on, credit rating, customer care, wind, depth, air traffic control, flap, aerospace, wheel, function, constitutional, embrace, guide, govern, wander, amount, string, heap, commence, telescope, throw off, deviate, pass, stroll, arrange, concatenation, wave, clutch, bore, hustle, fly the coop, diverge, honk, crossfire, run away, identify, aver, vicinity, effigy, incline, localise, scope, be sick, head for the hills, turn over, operate, get, butte, run for, seethe, contrive, bluff, batch, sweep, epitome, break away, chain of mountains, niche, roll, regorge, eye socket, enjoin, work, mountain chain, assert, allowance, shake off, go, set about, see, swing, diapason, ken, set forth, fire fight, shave, barbie, roam, churn rate, place, ascent, cast off, check, graze, layer, shop, swear, browse, avow, cat, bogey, queue, move, grip, distant, friendly fire, air pocket, consort, ordinate, redact, weave, lay out, put, cover, detail, expanse, site, regularise, accumulation, point.

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