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Definition of rarity:

  1. That which is rare; an uncommon thing; a thing valued for its scarcity.
  2. The quality or state of being rare; rareness; thinness; as, the rarity ( contrasted with the density) of gases.


specialness, end, thinness, longed-for, infrequency, distinctiveness, otherness, strangeness, exotic, abnormality, rare, sought-after, short, oddity, inconsistency, aberration, differentiation, queerness, speciality, rareness, tenuity, peculiarity, uncommon, distinguishing characteristic, incongruity, quirkiness, oddment, singularity, remnant, curiosity, low density, gem, asymmetry, curio, slenderness, like gold dust, feebleness, incompatibility, few and far between, precious, remainder, distinctive feature, once or twice, scarce, crotchet, once in a blue moon, seldom, hoped-for, exception, quirk, rarely, little, specialty, at a premium, objet d'art.

Usage examples: