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Definition of rascality:

  1. The poorer and lower classes of people.
  2. The quality or state of being rascally, or a rascal; mean trickishness or dishonesty; base fraud.


whimsicality, chicane, tomfoolery, guile, trickery, slick, devilry, knavery, badness, culpability, wile, worthlessness, improbity, shiftiness, waggishness, roguery, devilment, roguishness, slickness, double-dealing, slipperiness, slip, puckishness, mischief, prankishness, high jinks, naughtiness, wickedness, meanness, good, devilishness, trickiness, deviltry, ruffianism, treachery, baseness, diablerie, espi├Ęglerie, shenanigan, balefulness, crime, chicanery, maleficence, disreputability, profligacy, mischief-making, impishness, blackguardism, waggery, villainy, mischievousness, hob, dishonesty.

Usage examples: