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Definition of rase:

  1. A scratching out, or erasure.
  2. A slight wound; a scratch.
  3. A way of measuring in which the commodity measured was made even with the top of the measuring vessel by rasing, or striking off, all that was above it.
  4. To be leveled with the ground; to fall; to suffer overthrow.
  5. To level with the ground; to overthrow; to destroy; to raze.
  6. To rub along the surface of; to graze.
  7. To rub or scratch out; to erase.


even, bring down, charge, break apart, cut down, knock down, disgrace, push down, disassemble, down, point, flush, lower, let down, put down, degrade, take down, note, raze, strip, get down, pull down, level off, level, demean, dismantle, even out, break up, tear down, take apart.

Usage examples: