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Definition of ravish:

  1. To have carnal knowledge of ( a woman) by force, and against her consent; to rape.
  2. To seize and carry away by violence; to snatch by force.
  3. To transport with joy or delight; to delight to ecstasy.


harm, outrage, transfer, fascinate, witch, impose on _or_ oppress, attract, seduce, delight, defame, jinx, captivate, reproach, upon, abuse, glamour, charm, ruin, abduct, revile, bewitch, mesmerize, breach, misuse, lash out, trance, ship, beguile, infract, catch, rail at, please, send, channel, channelise, ill-treat, capture, enthrall, rape, draw, force, enthral, ill-use, slander, assail, misemploy, offend, enamour, becharm, prostitute, scandalise, dishonour, sex, disgrace, snipe, enamor, wrong, hex, enrapture, go against, carry, maltreat, profane, shame, hold, entrance, channelize, disparage, dishonor, plunder, allure, enjoy, revel, persecute, magnetize, hypnotize, pervert, assault, aggrieve, appal, vituperate, break, appall, attaint, round, scandalize, injure, malign, set on, transgress, attack, victimize, transport, transmit, enchant, vilify, violate, despoil, shock, desecrate, damage.

Usage examples: