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Definition of reanimate:

  1. To animate anew; to restore to animation or life; to infuse new life, vigor, spirit, or courage into; to revive; to reinvigorate; as, to reanimate a drowned person; to reanimate disheartened troops; to reanimate languid spirits.


invigorate, restore, recruit, amend, quicken, exalt, recover, recreate, hearten, resuscitate, furbish up, inspire, heal, be cured _or_ healed, retrieve, mend, fix, recharge, rewake, rectify, come to, bushel, resume, freshen up, resort, be restored, awareness, regenerate, renovate, animize, regain, rewaken, animise, revivify, cure, doctor, enliven, refurbish, resurrect, recuperate, restitute, play, embolden, repossess, reawaken, renew, compensate, recompense, indemnify, animate, rekindle, liven up, revitalize, speed up, remediate, liven, speed, revive, reactivate, remedy, accelerate, cheer, rejuvenate, touch on, whet, vivify, repair.

  • restore (part of speech: verb)

Usage examples: