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Definition of reception:

  1. A retaking; a recovery.
  2. Acceptance, as of an opinion or doctrine.
  3. The act of receiving; receipt; admission; as, the reception of food into the stomach; the reception of a letter; the reception of sensation or ideas; reception of evidence.
  4. The act or manner of receiving, esp. of receiving visitors; entertainment; hence, an occasion or ceremony of receiving guests; as, a hearty reception; an elaborate reception.
  5. The state of being received.


party, family room, double room, event, en suite, catering, have over, bash, capture, shindig, disposition, ask, levee, recovery, blast, afterparty, treatment, accession, desk, entertain, retrieval, accumulation, meeting, acquisition, have in, have round, directional, have, opening, tea, GPS, soiree, do, get, function, interference, greeting, answer, pick up, induction, powwow, dinner, encounter, coffee shop, cocktail lounge, ghosting, baby shower, cell, receipt, fete, get-together, foyer, block party, response, banquet, gathering, introduction, footprint, all-nighter, binge, acceptance, reaction, jam, bachelorette party, dining room, bachelor party, radar, collection, guest, salutation, round-up, reply, matinee, I'll hold you to that, B and S, affair, bridal suite, buffet, blowout, disinvite, check-in.

Usage examples: