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Definition of recollect:

  1. A friar of the Strict Observance, - an order of Franciscans.
  2. Reflexively, to compose one's self; to recover self- command; as, to recollect one's self after a burst of anger; - sometimes, formerly, in the perfect participle.
  3. To recover or recall the knowledge of; to bring back to the mind or memory; to remember.


imagine, call up, come back, mean, bethink, cerebrate, revive, conceive, opine, phone, think, intend, believe, remember, ring, consider, think back, cogitate, cerebrate, reckon, commend, withdraw, call in, suppose, call-back, return, hark back, retrieve, commemorate, telephone, look back on, mobilize, call, mobilise, recover, recall, echo, regain, think of, retain, find, mind, guess, bring forward, bring to mind, rally, bring to mind.

Usage examples: